Author: Laura Bennett

Category: Advice & How-To

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If you see big dreams and are just wondering how to pursue them, this book is for you.If you’re finishing school, choosing a degree, or trying to work out where to go next in life and wonder if YOU can achieve your dream, this book is for you.

Helping you break out of the mentalities and distractions that can derail you, Live Your Dream pares back life to the essentials: Your Purpose, Your Identity, Your Influences, Your Actions, and Your Money, so you can build a foundation of success.

Written from Laura Bennett's personal perspectives as a full time radio host, graduate student, and digital magazine editor, Live Your Dream is a go-to guide for chasing your dreams wholeheartedly, and stepping over what holds you back.

Sharing high school anecdotes, university revelations, and awkward moments as a young girl finding her feet, Live your Dream is a fun read that will help you cut the clutter of your noisy world, and truly pursue what is uniquely YOU.