Author: Jake Taylor

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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How would you feel if you didn't have a name or didn't know where you were or even what you were? Little Wing finds himself precisely in such a dilemma. Lucky for him, he befriends Lou, a caterpillar, who tells him how to find the answers deep in Butterfly Forest, where he should look for Professor Moth. But alas, there are many dangers in the forest, and Little Wing must be extremely cautious. What will happen to him? Will he succeed in getting the answers to his questions? Find out in this adventure-packed story available as a Kindle eBook that can be read in a PC or any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.In this quote Lou, who cannot fly, tells Little Wing:
“When I have a dream, I dream that one of these days I will be able to fly. That, somehow, I will get a pair of big beautiful wings and that I will go towards the sky and fly directly into the rainbow. And that once there, I will bathe in blue, and green, and red, and yellow.”

Get your copy today and together with your child join Little Wing on his quest. Little Wing – Who am I? Where am I? What am I? It will put a smile on you and your child.