Author: Adam Lewis

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Free audiobook included! - It's a playing day and Oscar the Owl plays hide and seek with Little Bird. His animal friends know where Oscar is, but they can't say a word. Do you see Oscar the Owl? (Shhh...) Play along with Frita the Fox, Henry the Hedgehog, Bobby the Bear, Randy the Rabbit, and Sally the Snail.In these kids stories, the simple characters and subtle clues make the perfect book to help your child fall sleep and stay in bed at the end of the day. Create memories in the first years of your child's life. The story is short and fun, with just enough mystery and suspense to keep things interesting, without taking them out of that relaxing and soothing state they need to be in to drift off to sleep. It's a great book for kids 1 and up.

Dim the lights, turn on that lamp, and grab a chair. It's time for some learning. No need to disturb the bookends, just grab your glasses in the corner, your ebook reader with all your ebooks, and let this little fairy tale be your brief guide, drawing your child into a great night's sleep.