Author: H. B. Rae

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Jacob Moby is famous for his immense fortune and uncanny luck. He’s got more money than he can possibly spend, but he still has an appetite for more. Even a high-rise penthouse in midtown Manhattan and the love of a superstar pop singer aren’t enough for Jacob Moby. He’s a man who lives to take risks. He’s always rolled the dice and come out on top. So when a small clerical error at his bank just so happened to have inconvenienced him for the day, Jacob decided to sue the bank for a whopping one hundred million dollars. It’s one of the biggest legal cases in history and everyone’s betting on the luckiest man alive to win, yet again.The bank isn’t going down quietly either. It’s run by oil tycoon Hassan Khan, and chances are he and his billionaire friends aren’t going to take this latest slight by Moby lying down. While the billionaires squirm, Jacob treats the court date like a walk in the park. He sails through the proceedings without a care in the world. Yet, when the court case ends, that’s when the games begin.

In an instant, Jacob goes from feeling quite invincible to becoming the most hated man alive. Jacob finds himself entangled in a murder investigation and there’s a ten million dollar bounty on his head. His first instinct is to flee the city, but he doesn’t find a warm welcome in the New York countryside either. His luck has certainly taken a turn for the worse when he meets an inbred family of sadistic psychopaths who don’t like city slickers and trespassers on their farm.