Author: Paige Powers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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The lives of two people from different sections of society intersect, and a catalytic reaction is set off. The force of it is unstoppable.Meet Cole St. John, billionaire entrepreneur who climbed the rungs of his career through sheer determination and hard work. He lives his life on the edge and when the appeal of it starts to fade, he panics. How does a man who has barely reached his mid-thirties stop the feeling that he has aged too fast?

Enter the photographer: Seraphina Claire has faced hardships in life. The lesson she learned was to look for the smaller moments and rejoice in them. She starts feeling out of her element and thinks it is time that she had her own happily ever after.

Chance brings them together at a psychic’s booth where their fortune lies in each other. While one believes it, the other is skeptical. Does the universe get to win or can they resist the power of what is written in the stars?