Author: Doug McGovern

Category: Mysteries

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Dr. Lucien Kingsley is desperate. His drinking is out of control. His obsessive gambling is driving him deeper into debt, and repeated accusations of malpractice have him on the verge of losing his medical license.So when the mysterious Leona Kelley approaches him with a proposition that could alleviate his financial distress, he's ready to jump in. That is, until he realizes he's being asked to help her sick husband die. He's never even considered performing a physician-assisted suicide before and wouldn't even know where to begin. Or if he'd want to.

But money talks and Dr. Kingsley finds himself agreeing to the would-be-widow's proposal. It's a decision he'll end up regretting when the procedure takes a horribly wrong turn and his patient somehow ends up in a state of suspended animation; stuck somewhere between life and death. Soon Dr. Kingsley is on the run from both a psychotic Leona and her half-dead, half-zombified husband.

And there's no doubt: he's running for his life!