Author: Kenneth Eade

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Get Books 1-3 of the #1 bestselling legal thriller/courtroom drama series from the best selling author critics hail as "one of our strongest thriller writers on the scene."Can Too Big to Fail get away with murder? Book 1 of the Legal Thriller Series, "Predatory Kill," has been called a "wild ride" by critics. In it, Kenneth Eade delivers another solid and intricately plotted financial thriller. A maniacal killer is on the loose. April’s mother is brutally murdered and her father beaten within an inch of his life. Attorney Brent Marks has already paid his dues as a lawyer, having taken his share of divorces and drunk driving cases over his 20 year career, but has finally reached a place in his life where he can take on cases of social importance. What he least expected was for April Marsh's predatory lending case against the big banks for wrongful foreclosure on her parent's home to turn into a murder investigation. As the courtroom drama heats up, the action outside the courtroom spirals out of control."Fans of John Grisham will find equal talent here in Eade's ability to captivate and hold readers with the unexpected, both in character development in nonstop action which lays the foundation for a story that's anything but predictable. In a world where plot and outcome are often predictable from the start, this will prove more than satisfying to readers already well versed in the legal thriller format." D. Donovan, Midwest Book ReviewBook 2 of the thriller series, "A Patriot's Act," the prequel to "Predatory Kill."Death, Law & in that Order at Guantanamo BayWhen a naturalized American citizen turns up missing in Iraq, Brent Marks fights the Goliath U.S. Government's Patriot Act. Santa Barbara accountant Ahmed Khury responds to the plea of his brother, Sabeen, a suspected money launderer in Iraq. Before Ahmed realizes what has happened to him, he is sent to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp as a suspected terrorist, and is subjected to torture to extract information that he doesn't have."Eade, a lawyer by profession, weaves legal dialogue, corruption and international action to create a pacey read with echoes of Grisham, Baldacci and Clancy nipping at his writing heels. Law issues as well as forensics and police procedures are clearly explained with such authority as to add gritty realism in and out of the courthouse, but it's within the court drama that Eade really packs some punch." - SPR Review"A Patriot's Act is one hell of a legal thriller that challenges everything we know about justice and freedom."- Markus Book Reviews "An edge-of-your-seat thriller that could easily be transformed into a dramatic film. Simply riveting, start to finish!" InD' Tale MagazineThe president of the local homeowners association is murdered and every resident is a suspect in this 2016 RONE Award nominated best selling thriller by the bestselling author critics hail as 'one of our strongest thriller writers on the scene.'The president of the Orange Grove HOA is murdered and there are plenty of suspects - in fact everyone who lives in Orange Grove. Attorney Brent Marks thinks he is dealing with a routine foreclosure defense until his client is implicated in the crime and calls upon Brent to defend her for murder.Buy your copy of Box Set 1 now or borrow free on Kindle Unlimited.FIC03103 If you like mysteries with non-stop action, twists and turns, crime thrillers, courtroom drama, pulp thrillers, legal thrillers, legal thrillers ebooks, political thriller, mystery books, fiction books, fiction best sellers, police procedurals, legal thrillers fiction best sellers, legal thrillers kindle books, courtroom drama books, legal thrillers and suspense for kindle, pulp thrillers, legal thrillers best sellers in kindle books, murder mysteries, you will love this series.