Author: Jon Reisfeld

Category: Fantasy

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Can There Be Fitting Punishment for the Super Evil? The Last Way Station, an Historical Fantasy Novelette, Attempts to Answer that Question by Considering the Death, Final Judgment and Disturbing Psyche of Adolf Hitler. It's a Quick, but Intense Work of Psychological Fiction, Perfect for Reading Groups, Discussion Groups and Book Clubs.Temporarily available at 2/3 OFF List Price!Here's What Readers have to Say about The Last Way Station:"Wow! ... A great book -- well-written and thought provoking." --Catherine J. Anderson, Amazon reader-reviewer"The Last Way Station is a cleverly written allegory about Hitler's final journey to hell. It is an eerie, but instructive, tale with a killer ending! Highly recommended." -- Mark Woodburn, UK, author of Winston and Me."Reisfeld accomplishes a great deal in 70-odd pages...."The Last Way Station" is a place well worth spending your time."--Silver ScreenBook Description:On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler retires to his room in his bunker twenty-eight feet beneath the old Reich Chancery garden. Above him, the Red Army advances upon, and encircles, Berlin, ending his dream of a thousand-year Aryan empire.Hitler places a glass cyanide capsule between his teeth and points a loaded service pistol at his right temple. Then, smugly believing he has evaded capture and escaped all accountability for his crimes, he bites down and pulls the trigger. The Last Way Station: Hitler's Final Journey begins moments later, when the F?hrer awakens en route to a painfully cold, solitary holding cell in the afterlife. There, he meets his caseworker, a supernatural being tasked with helping him face and work through his sins. The workload is beyond measure and the methods? They are no less horrific than the very crimes committed in Hitler's name.This speculative, WWII historical fantasy and psychological fiction novelette explores Hitler’s psyche, the psychology of evil and asks, “What, if anything, constitutes fitting punishment for the super evil?”Scroll Up to Grab Your Copy of this Exciting Psychological Fiction Book Today!The Last Way Station is a Novelette (a very long short story) that Combines Intriguing Elements of Historical Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Jewish Fiction, German Historical Fiction and Metaphysical Fiction. Scroll up and grab a copy now, or read it for FREE through your Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription. With Amazon's FREE Kindle app, you can read it on-the-go on any Kindle Fire device, iPad, or iPhone. It also works on Androids and other smart phones.Scroll up and grab a copy today!How to Find The Last Way Station in Kindle Unlimited:This historical fantasy kindle book can be found on kindle unlimited under such search terms as: historical fiction kindle books, historical fantasy kindle book, WW II fiction, WW II fiction kindle books,historical fantasy kindle books, holocaust books, holocaust fiction, fantasy fiction books, Hitler historical fiction, Hitler books, fantasy fiction best sellers and more.