Author: Isabelle Arran

Category: LGBT

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Deal starts: January 31, 2016

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“My parents want me to get married.”
As the sole heir to his family’s fortune, Jake needs to find a wife. A suitable one of course, and his father has provided a list. All he has to do is choose – after all, any of the prospective brides would jump at the chance to snag the eligible bachelor, he’s wealthy and comes from the right kind of family.So why is he finding it so hard? He shouldn’t care – after all, it’s just a society marriage. Right?

“How soon?”
Shy songwriter Nial is reeling over the news. Jake has been his best friend since forever, and his roommate for years. The fact that he’s secretly in love with the man doesn’t help either. Now his life is being ripped to shreds, not to mention his heart.

“I want to have one last crazy weekend.”
When Jake suggests a pre-bachelor party in Las Vegas, can Nial make it through the trip without breaking? But when Jake insists on being Nial’s “wingman” on the search for hot, available guys…can Nial finally let go and succumb to the moment?