Author: KayeC Jones

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Kitty takes on the neighborhood bully!But how does she conquer the big bully?

Meet Kitty, a daring and sweet little girl who won't take anyone talking mean, especially neighborhood bullies who push and shout to make all the kids cry. Everyone around the neighborhood calls the bully a brat and a snot, but not Kitty.

When Kitty finally goes face-to-face with the notorious bully, who boldly declares girls can't do anything they want, she decides to not sink to the bully's level. She doesn't punch or scream and yell, she doesn't even call him names. She uses her wits instead and proves to herself that she and her stuffed buddies can do anything they want.

This wonderfully illustrated story teaches girls to believe in themselves and not to doubt their dreams and wishes no matter what anyone tells them.