Author: John Reinhard Dizon

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A charismatic leader and activist for the homeless just might be New York's biggest threat yet. Detective Veronika Heydrich has one mission to complete before she lands her coveted promotion. She must uncover the truth behind the "King of the Hoboes," a man who prides himself on selflessly helping the misfortunate homeless people of the city. Convinced he's more dangerous than he is helpful, Veronika goes undercover as a vagrant herself, learning firsthand of the trials and tribulations the poverty-stricken must endure. The further underground she goes, the more danger Veronika encounters. The man deemed the "King of the Hoboes" is more powerful, more perilous, and more vicious than she ever realized. Now, it's up to her to not only save the innocent homeless people of New York, but to find a way to save the city as well. Can Veronika find a way to take down the false messiah who’s manipulating the media for gain and glory while saving the people she's come to know and love as her own?