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Do you want to write or publish your own book?
Have you tried publishing a book before with little to no success?
Do you want to start making passive income online?If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this book is for you!

Allow me to first introduce myself and let you know why and how I can help you.
My name's Adrian Ingram and I've been publishing books on Amazon Kindle for over 2 years now.
During this time, I've had amazing success with my books, and have been fortunate enough to replace my income and quit my job.

I have published over 100 different titles during this time, and as you can imagine, have learned a lot about what makes a book sell on Amazon!

With my particular method, I don't even write the books myself! I outsource the writing to skilled writers that create quality books for me. This has allowed me to publish a large number of books, and achieve the incredible success that I have.
Inside this guide, I show you how to find these writers yourself and get your first book written inexpensively within a couple of weeks!

Obviously, if you do like to write books yourself, that's okay! All of the strategies I share within this book will work for you too!

I've discovered how to choose a quality niche to publish in, how to do keyword research, how to write and format my descriptions correctly, where to get amazing covers made inexpensively, how to get a ton of reviews and much more!

I share these things within this book, and take you step by step through the whole process.

This process has allowed me to create a passive income of $200+ per day.
These days, I manage to maintain this income in around 4 hours per week. Yep, I'm living the 4 hour workweek thanks to Kindle Publishing - And I want to show you how to do the same!

Whether your goal is to publish 1 book or 100, this guide can help you.
I've successfully taught a range of people how to self publish on Amazon. I've been featured on podcasts and interviewed for blog posts about Kindle Publishing, and as a result I get messages and emails daily, asking me for advice about Kindle Publishing.
That's why I decided to write this book. This is my no-fluff guide to Kindle Publishing, where I explain my whole system and strategy from start to finish. This is the accumulation of over 2 years of trial and error, all available to you for just $0.99!

To sweeten the deal, I even added a free bonus.
As a thank-you for downloading my book, inside I give you access to a free 30 minute video where I share my passive income blueprint!
In this video I essentially show you how my business is structured in order to bring me more money each month, while only working less than 4 hours a week!
I share my whole system in detail, and give you the exact plan to replicate it!

Are you getting excited to publish your first book yet?

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included Inside This Book…

Kindle Publishing Basics
How To Pick A Great Niche
How To Outsource Your Book Creation
How To Create a Great Cover That Sells Your Book
How To Pick Your 7 Keywords
How To Write A Description That Sells
How To Get Glowing 5 Star Reviews For Your Book
How To Run Promotions & Price Your Book For Optimal Sales
Much, Much More!