Author: S. C. King

Category: Mysteries

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Detective Davis and Sergeant Wood are called early in the morning to the scene of a murder. The son of a mystery writer was killed in a very demonstrative way, just like he described it in his books. The young man, who is also a lawyer, was killed in his bedroom after being drugged and bitten by a black mamba. His father, the writer, found him almost twenty four hours after that, and no one has an idea who committed the murder.In the mystery novel, the murderer is the father of the victim, but in real life, the father has an alibi and no reason to kill his son. The investigation starts, and Davis finds out that Rick Lowson, the murder victim, was working on an important case involving a drug company, which had been the suspected cause of the death of several people. According to his associates, Rick had the ultimate proof of their guilt. Fortunately, there is a second copy of the tape with the proof, but it is still insufficient to bring Jack Stone, the owner of the company, to justice.The investigation takes them to the city, where they find clues that Stone’s helper is also his lover. That made Davis realize that one of the policemen working on the case, inspector Ross Stevens, had been acting very strange lately. At the end, Stone admits that he is guilty, but refuses to give up his lover. Stevens manages to escape and cannot be found.