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Key Concepts in Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William, written by Thrive Guides, is a short summary of Anthony William’s bestseller Medical Medium. It’s a great way to quickly and economically learn who the Medical Medium is and what he offers to those with chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders.
If you don’t have time to read the whole original book, this short read will tell you everything you need to know. It covers the true causes and complete healing strategies for each condition, without the extraneous details.
If you have already read William’s book, this Key Concepts Guide is a tremendous companion resource that allows you to quickly review the main points. It’s an easy-to-use reference that pin-points the information you need to craft your action plan to attack the real root cause and support your body’s challenged organs and systems.
Even healthy skeptics may want to rapidly find out if they agree with the viewpoints the Medical Medium puts forth, with minimal expense.
Here, you will discover new truths about the causes of chronic illness never before revealed to the mainstream, many of which fly in the face of current medical practice. This information is not shared in order to ruffle feathers or discredit all the medical advances and caring doctors out there, but because what Spirit shares has restored to health thousands of people who have come to Anthony William when they had exhausted all that medicine has to offer.
If you have any of the following, you’ll find the information you need to truly recover from:
• Epstein-Barr virus
• chronic fatigue syndrome
• fibromyalgia
• lupus
• multiple sclerosis
• rheumatoid arthritis
• hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s
• Type 2 Diabetes or hypoglycemia
• adrenal fatigue
• candida
• migraines
• shingles
• ADD/ADHD or autism
• depression
• PMS or menopause
• Lyme disease
• digestion disfunction
• heavy metal, radiation, or chemical toxicity
Despite the many advances we have made in medicine, we still have epidemic numbers of people not being helped by traditional and alternative medicine. This is because in many cases, we are on the wrong track, believing misguided trends and theories. Often, because the cause is misunderstood, the treatment is ineffective or serves mainly to mask the symptoms rather than address the underlying cause and rebuild health. Spirit shares new information that the medical community won’t discover for decades yet to come.
This book assumes that you are familiar with the symptoms, testing, and treatment protocols for the diseases covered. This book instead focuses on truths shared by Spirit that empower you to create your healing plan.
You will learn which healing foods, medicinal herbs, and supplements are most effective to use in your targeted recovery plan. The book includes a guideline for a 28-Day Cleanse to kick-start your recovery with the natural healing of raw fruits and vegetables.
Techniques for meditations in nature are also included for spiritual healing, and how to call upon specific angels for assistance with your prayers for healing your body, heart, and soul.
If you have a chronic illness, you will want to get to the healing now!