Author: Erik Hofstatter

Category: Erotic Romance

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A weapons trader in Prague. A strange call girl. The most unusual love story is about to unfold. Kamil, a thirty-something medieval weapons trader resides in the notorious Red Light District in Prague. Despite his hatred for prostitutes, he accepts an offer from Ginny - a local sex worker. As their unusual friendship unfolds and Kamil witnesses several bizarre scenarios, he begins to suspect that Ginny might not be an ordinary prostitute. "Bawdy, salacious and endlessly sweet, this is pure smut with a heart of gold." - Karen Runge, author of Pseudopod and Shock Totem. “Katerina is an engrossing and intriguing novelette that haunts the mind as you’re reading, and for long afterwards.” - Starburst Magazine “Erik Hofstatter certainly shows talent.” - Scream Horror Magazine “Hofstatter’s brutally honest depiction of not only a prostitute’s life on the streets but also the borderline sociopathic world view of the narrator make for compelling but very uneasy reading.” - Horror News Network