Author: M.G. Hawking

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Explore the Greatest Mysteries of the Ages...
Five-thousand years ago there arose along the banks of the Nile, as if suddenly ascended from the sands, the first great civilization of known history. No one knows from whence the early Egyptians came, yet no people, ancient or modern, have conceived of building a civilization on a scale so sublime, so great, so grandiose, as the Ancient Egyptians.
Their technology of agriculture, metallurgy, industry and engineering; the invention of glass and linen, of paper and ink, of the calendar and the clock, of geometry and the alphabet; the excellence and sublimity of sculpture and the arts; the refinement of dress and ornament, of furniture and dwellings, of society and life; the remarkable development of orderly and peaceful government, of census and post, of primary and secondary education; the advancement of writing and literature, of science and medicine; the first clear formulation known to us of individual and public conscience, the first cry for social justice, the first widespread monogamy, the first monotheism, the first essays in moral philosophy . . . all elevated to a degree of superiority and power that has seldom, if ever, been equaled since.
How were these monumental accomplishments achieved? Where did the Ancient Egyptians’ knowledge and sophistication come from?
This book offers answers to those profound mysteries. In the 1970s, explorer Hawking assisted in recovering a manuscript found in the highlands of Tibet, one that revealed the life and work of the mysterious Egyptian Master Kalika-Khenmetaten, who authored esoteric manuscripts in Egypt in the time of the Kings Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), over three-thousand-three-hundred years old ago. In her writings, she disclosed that a primary source of her material was a set of exquisite marble tablets originating from an immensely ancient mid-Atlantic civilization of pre-history, long disappeared from our world.
Magical, enlightening, inspirational and richly entertaining, the history and story of Kalika is one of the most epic in history, and her writings reveal the profound wisdom of the ancient ages. Fragments of the material presented in this book have at various times through the millennia appeared in arcane religious texts, in the more profound Eastern philosophies, and in the secret wisdom traditions of various ages. In modern times, splinters of this knowledge have resurfaced in various formats, although unfortunately absent both the most fundamental elements as well as the most advanced elements of the wisdom system of the supreme masters. The writings of Kalika-Khenmetaten are absent nothing—they are all-encompassing.
A must read for everyone interested in ancient mysteries, and anyone on a spiritual path or seeking greater personal power.