Author: Greg Ware

Category: Science Fiction

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Deal starts: January 01, 1970

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Pensacola, Florida: The year is 2031 and the Paris and San Bernardino attacks were just the beginning, as ISIS has metastasized and ingrained itself in the United States. In the midst of societal confusion and chaos, revered obstetrician Jake Love finds himself the lucky recipient of a 24-hour meeting with anyone from the past. After considerable deliberation and meticulous investigation, he makes a momentous decision. Jake decides to return to the day Jesus was crucified and obtain a blood sample - not only allowing him a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to establish paternity, but also provide an option to clone Christ. The journey to Jerusalem reveals much about the relationship between humanity and mysticism. With the FBI, one step behind and the future of a volatile citizenry hanging in the balance, the good doctor’s mission takes on added importance. An ending that no one will see coming opens up new possibilities for a more perfect union!