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Leading Experts Share What It Takes to Claim Your Place On the World Stage.
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You've heard it many times before ... the fear of public speaking tops the list of fears. That's right, most people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of heights, flying, snakes, bugs and even drowning! Why then would any rational human beings want to put themselves in the uncomfortable position of standing in front of the room, all eyes and ears on them? Stepping up and being charged with the responsibility of getting and keeping the audience's attention while endeavoring to provide valuable content. Within these pages are the stories of the courageous and determined men and women whose commitment to share their messages outweighed any concerns or fears about stepping onto the world's stage. Whether you're claiming your place on the stage in your own corner of the world or you're eager to reach all four corners of the world, this book will ignite your passion, inspire creativity and move you to action.