Author: Buddhadeb Basu

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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We generally live for ourselves. Can we live for others and serve them so they find a way out of their distress and become happy? This is the core theme of this book.Mind, the protagonist undertakes the journey to the Celestial City to obtain divine blessings. The book, which is a melding of Christian and Hindu thoughts, is a metaphor of the Bible. During his journey, Mind encounters many obstacles in the form of individuals he meets. Passion, the daughter of Knowledgeable, tries to seduce him. Lucifer beats him mercilessly just because he encroaches upon his territory. Mind also comes across Mounibaba, a self-proclaimed religious preacher, who is engaged in all types of heinous activities such as looting, killing people, and utilizing their skulls to drink wine, all the while preaching that this is the part of Puja.

Transcending many set-backs and assaults, Mind ultimately reaches the Celestial City and achieves liberation. Abiding in pure consciousness, he returns to his home town and begins benevolent work for the people.