Author: Morris Fenris

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Need to track down an outlaw? Bring a desperado to justice? Catch a pickpocket or a rustler or a crook?Then John Yancey is the man to hire.

John Yancey, Pinkerton agent.

Right now John has been hired by Noah Harper to locate a thieving half-sister. According to Noah, Cecelia Powell made off with part of his inheritance after their father died unexpectedly in a carriage accident, and Noah wants it back.

John’s acceptance of the case takes him from her connection with an exclusive boarding school in Switzerland to a Boston madam’s bawdy house to the 1860 gold fields of California. San Francisco, to be exact.

But all is not as it seems.

For one thing, pretty Miss Powell doesn’t fit anyone’s image of a criminal. For another, she is apparently living far too respectable a life, as owner and headmistress of an Academy for Girls.

Just how much of what Noah has claimed is actually true?

Still, delving into the young woman’s background reveals that she was, indeed, born in a bordello; and she has become the owner, whether legally or not, of controlling interest in a gold mining conglomerate.

Further investigation finds that she is sharing residence with an older man, Gabriel Finnegan, while at the same time becoming betrothed to one of the city’s pillars of society, insipid and ineffectual Josiah Kingsley. Josiah is neither too insipid nor ineffectual, however, to demand complete financial and emotional control over his vacillating bride-to-be upon their marriage.

The lady herself is proving to be an enigma. Finished with what he can, John sends his report, per arrangement, to Noah Harper via Pony Express. San Francisco’s attractions beckon, and he is able to explore the area, getting acquainted with townspeople and businesses. Nice enough, he decides. Maybe he’ll relocate here, settle down, start his own agency. Meanwhile, he has dealt with any complications arising from the Powell case and considers it closed.

Until Noah Harper unexpectedly shows up, armed with all of John’s information and spoiling for a fight.

That’s when the complications really begin.