Author: James Patterson

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This book will help you learn the basics of Java programming. It offers a step-by-step approach filled with many examples and screenshots of actual programming codes. This book is written for people who don’t have any background in programming. The book begins with the basic such as how to download and install the Java software development kit and NetBeans, which will help you to easily learn the program. It will then discuss the features, keywords, and formats that build the core of Java as a programming language.After reading this book, you will have a mid-level skills and basic understanding of Java programing.

Bear in mind that reading this book is just the start of your journey towards learning Java. This widely used programming language is beyond the elements that define it. It also involves comprehensive libraries and tools that can help you in developing your own programs. Mastering these areas will help you to become an expert in Java programming. After reading this book, you will have the fundamental knowledge, skills, and interest to pursue these areas.