Author: July Reyes

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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Is This Your Dress? is a novel that celebrates love, hope, embarrassing social blunders, forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts, power struggles, and hideously overdone wedding gowns. Its strong central story revolves around, Val, the owner of a popular bridal salon, and atelier in a make-believe destination town in Northern California, called Tulane. Not everything is all champagne and bridal bouquets in owning such a shop. The business is facing many challenges. Intertwined with the main character’s life woes, are the vignettes of brides-to-be and their shopping entourages caught up in the drama of finding the perfect dress for the most stressful, dazzling time of a woman’s life, planning for her wedding day. Val, the 30 something bridal salon owner, who after fitting hundreds of brides into their dream gown and often attending their dazzling weddings, has given up on even dating. Like all of the other women who come into Cantrell’s, Val dreams of her own beautiful wedding day, but it’s the reality of the messy, disintegration of relationships her subconscious won’t let her ignore.