Author: Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson

Category: General Nonfiction

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Do you have a dream to travel the world? Is money preventing you from traveling more? Are you tired of coming home from a trip or vacation before you’re ready?We all know that one of the most expensive parts of traveling is paying for a place to sleep every night.

The cost of accommodations keeps rising, making longer trips difficult, if not impossible for many people.

Imagine if you never had to pay for a place to sleep AND you could have all the comforts of home while you travel the world.

Imagine being able to SAVE more money traveling than you could by staying at home.

Imagine being able to pay off debt, start a business you love, or build a new lifestyle while you are traveling.

All of this (and more) is possible with International House Sitting!

House sitting is the practice whereby a homeowner invites you to live in their home rent-free in exchange for looking after the owner’s pets and/or property.

There is a fast growing network of gorgeous homes all over the world looking for people just like you to come and stay…for FREE!

This definitive guide is your invitation to join this exciting movement.

International House Sitting is a powerful and effective way to see the world that will save you thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on accommodations for the rest of your travel life.

In fact, professional house sitters and authors Nat and Jodie have managed to save an extra $20,000 while traveling the world the last 2+ years.

They’ve done it by staying for free in beautiful homes around the world including; a country home in France, a stylish flat in London, seaside resort in Greece, beachside island house in Barbados, and mansions in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

In this guide they share all of their secrets so you’ll have the ability to stay for FREE anywhere in the world.

You’ll learn everything you need to become a sought after house sitter no matter what your situation or experience.

You’ll discover how to:

• Never pay for a room again using Nat and Jodie’s proven Ten-C System
• Save thousands of dollars while you travel
• Find the most desirable house sitting assignments in the world from island beaches to hot tub mountain views
• Get started with zero experience
• Live like a local all over the world
• Become an instant pro by avoiding common mistakes
• Stand out from the competition so you land the best house sitting gigs around the world
• Plan ahead so you can keep traveling for as long as you desire
• Handle difficult situations
• Pack, book cheap flights, handle insurance and other practical concerns
• Get paid to house sit

Nat and Jodie’s actionable advice is mixed with inspirational stories of regular people from all walks of life who have used house sitting as a way to see the world.

Now it’s your turn.

If you’re ready to learn how to sleep for FREE in amazing homes all over the planet then grab this guide now.

We are thrilled to welcome you to the world of International House Sitting!