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Do you wish you could cook more meals at home, but you’re too overwhelmed by life? Have you tried slow cookers in the past, and are either too confused or just not impressed by the results?Pressure cooking has been around for centuries, but for many, the method remains a complete mystery. It was used a lot during the Great Depression, but since the era of fast and frozen food took over, pressure cooking has been mostly used in countries like India and the Middle East.

It is time to bring pressure cooking back into the American mainstream and see the greatness that is being offered through cookers like the Instant Pot, which represents the method’s shining moment. Pressure cooking works by tightly-sealing food and liquid inside an airtight pot. The built-up pressure actually raises the boiling point of water, speeding up the cooking process.

This speed preserves more of the nutritional value of food, making pressure cooking the healthiest cooking method there is. Using the Instant Pot is convenient, fast, and produces extremely healthy and delicious meals.