Author: John Hoskison

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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This is a true story of a journey to hell and back.In 1994 John Hoskison was a highly respected and successful professional golfer. He then shattered his perfect world. One evening he broke a rule of his life by drinking and driving and on the way home he hit and killed a cyclist.

Devastated by his actions Hoskison was thrown into an unimaginable world of remorse and regret. He knew he would never escape the pain he had caused and thought a prison sentence totally justified.

The story grips from the start when Hoskison swaps the safety of green fairways for the medieval squalor of HMP Wandsworth, where drug taking is rife and prison officers can throw victims to the hard men. Only one thing saves Hoskison – forgiveness. In the most incredibly generous gesture the story describes the forgiveness Hoskison receives which acts as a catylist for his survival in the face of adversity.