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Learn what really influences peopleToday only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.What you’re about to discover...Influence and persuasion are two of the most powerful traits that can help you achieve your desired level of success. This holds true, especially if you are in the field or want to be in that industry where there is a need for you to influence others, such as an entrepreneur or leader.If you want to be one of the most successful people who can leave a good legacy, then being influential and persuasive is something that you ought to develop. Both these traits will allow you to affect the actions, opinions and ideas of others. This makes them not only valuable managerial skills, but also extremely useful in highly collaborative organizations.If developing your influential and persuasive personality is your main goal, then this book, “Influence: The Science behind Persuasion: How to Make People Think What you Want” can be a huge help. It contains almost everything that you need to know about the power and science of influence and persuasion – the principles behind it, its different types, key elements, benefits and how to become the influential and persuasive person that you want to be. Let this book serve as a comprehensive guide in developing your influential and persuasive personality. With the aid of this comprehensive book, you will know exactly how often you should influence people, so you can accomplish your goals and achieve your desired level of success. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Principles behind the Science of Influence and PersuasionTypes of Persuasion and Influence Key Elements of Influence and PersuasionWhy is the Science of Persuasion and Influence Important?How to Master the Art of Influence and Persuasion?Top Techniques in Persuading and Influencing OthersHow to Make People Think Like YouHabits and Characteristics of Persuasive and Influential PeopleMuch, much more!Download your copy today!Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!