Author: Danika Hartland

Category: Erotic Romance

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Tamsin lives the American dream: she’s the proud mother of two lovely, grown daughters. She has a dependable husband, a wonderful home, and financial stability.But that’s only what the outside world sees. In reality, Tamsin’s marriage is a disappointment. She feels neglected and used. She assumes her longing for romance and love is nothing but an empty wish that can never be fulfilled.

That changes the day her best friend Margie reveals a tantalizing secret. She’s been to a club hidden somewhere near Boston that caters to women, their needs … and their fantasies. Wondering if the club might be taking advantage of unsuspecting women, Tamsin feels desperate to protect her best friend, telling Margie she wants to join the club without mentioning her plan to conduct a clandestine investigation of it.

Upon arrival, Tamsin wanders the beautifully landscaped grounds. She unwittingly walks in on the gardener David in all his naked glory while he’s taking a shower. Unfazed, the 50ish gardener (as handsome and delectable as Michelangelo’s famous statue) welcomes Tamsin to the club. Every time their paths cross, he seems more and more like the man she’s always wanted but could never find.

When the club’s secrets unfold, Tamsin is forced to face the life she’s leading and why it’s making her unhappy. Tempted to take control of her own future, Tamsin knows she stands to lose everything: her home, her security, the respect of her daughters, and the approval she seeks from others.

But what if she also could achieve the kind of happiness she so desperately wants?

I Saw The Naked Gardener is a steamy romance novel intended for mature audiences. It is a full-length standalone novel.