Author: Maya Moss

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Shelley is a victim of circumstances whose life gets turned upside down after almost getting killed by her boyfriend, Matt.Shelley learns that she is pregnant, and Matt refuses to take responsibility for her and the baby. Matt has already started dating Charlene, whom he prefers because of her wealth.

Matt tries to kill Shelley by pushing her overboard when they are out for a picnic on Lake Ferguson. To his chagrin, Shelley survives and swims to the shore. She reports the matter to the local Sherriff, whose hands are tied because there are no witnesses to pin Matt.

Brad meets Shelley a day later, and they strike a rare friendship. Meanwhile, Matt continues to harass and threaten Shelley as Brad tries to find evidence that can get Matt thrown into jail for a long time. Eventually, as the pressure begins to build up, Matt abducts Shelley and takes her to the subdivision right outside the town of Savannah. There, he decides to end Shelley’s life, as she remains a hindrance to his plans with Charlene.

In hot pursuit, Brad recollects Shelley mentioning Matt’s liking for the subdivision and how he intends to settle down there. Brad decides to check the location and finds Matt in the nick of time. Shelley has a knife to her throat, but is saved by Sherriff Riley, who has been tipped off by Brad before checking the subdivision.

Matt gets shot and arrested while Shelley is saved. Brad and Shelley have already fallen in love, and they decide to spend the rest of their lives together as Matt is sentenced to ten years in prison.