Author: Resa Nelson

Category: Science Fiction

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Humanity, Alienated collects six of Resa Nelson’s science fiction short stories, all of which were originally published in print and online magazines. These stories examine alien contact and/or the ways in which humans alienate themselves.The Perigee of the Moon follows a scientist-turned-spiritist in Mexico who fears aliens will soon steal her son away.

GunHand explores violence against women and the lengths to which one woman will go to protect herself.

The Mix-In combines the concept of human-alien hybrids designed to be professional athletes with the discovery of a terrible crime.

Tin Soldier takes place in a future where no one can have children without government approval and the desperation of those who fail to meet that approval.

Brain Spike is about a little girl who walks a fine line between artistic genius and madness.

Osiris Rising tells two parallel stories. In the future, a woman brought back from the dead by science races to meet an alien who is making a brief visit to Earth. In the distant past, aliens visit ancient Egypt and meet humans who will someday be known as gods.