Author: Brittany Baker

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Learn How To Make Long-Lasting Friendships With Real ChemistryYou have reached adulthood, even though you may not always feel like one! You have learned how to keep both plants and pets alive and for the lucky ones you might even have a love life, decent job and living in an area that you love. However despite all of this you may have one thing in common with the majority of 20 and 30 something’s 0f today, and there is more than likely one area of life that is lacking and this is your platonic friendships.

It may be that all of your friends have got married, had children and you are beginning to feel more alone and you may have also been wracking your brains on ways to find people to hang out with. Gone are the times when meeting a new best friend was as simple as walking up to that cool individual in your English class and demanding to be his or her buddy, it is amazing how times have changed. Now that you are all grown-up, you are probably so busy muddling through the daily grind of managing your life, working all hours and just trying to keep sane that you will inadvertently find that it is far easier to keep in touch by text, Facebook and Instagram instead of actually making the effort of a face to face friendship.

With this in mind, I've written “How to Make New Friends” to help you navigate through the uncertain challenges of new friendships and all the paraphernalia that this comes with and it is my hope that the book will enable you to wade through the minefield that is friendship and offer you tricks and tips to make the entire process as easy as possible.