Author: James Revie

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James has started five cleaning business and has taught others how to start a cleaning business of their own. If you want to be self employed and be your own boss - then this is the book and the business for you. You will learn how to start your own business.Buy your copy now and don't miss out in this opportunity.

This is a business that you can make as big or as small as you want. What is your goal? A part time income or a six figure income or more? Either way, this book is a must read for you.

Here is what you will learn:

* Why the Cleaning Business is a great and stable business
* ?Who Can Do office cleaning
* How to ?Get Started? - step by step
* What Equipment? will you need
* ?The Service Outline and why you MUST have one
* ?How To Get Contracts/jobs?- various proven and successful methods
* The Appointment with your new client - how to present yourself and your cleaning services
* ?How To Price Offices - proven methods explained
* What offices are the best to go after and why - very important
* How to submit a quotation
* ?How to keep your contracts/business
* All about Y=your own office
* ?How to actually cleaning your client's offices - some video examples also
?* What about carpet cleaning? 3 things to consider
*How to maintain your client's floors
* Window Cleaning?
*What to do if your client complains
* Details about ?Keys, Security and Alarm Sysems
* ?Selling your business
* How to prepare the Service Outline - in detail; step by step


Sample Service Outline
Sample Cover Page for Service Outline
?Sample Advertising Letter
?Sample Invoice?
Note: by request - my email is in the book - I will send you a full downloadable and printable copy of each of the bonuses for free