Author: Titania Hudson

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Are you disillusioned with love? Or feeling frustrated that the men you're dating are not truly reciprocating your feelings in kind? Have you considered the possibility that you could be lacking in some X factors that men want, or you could simply be dating the wrong caliber of men? Perhaps, it's time to review the ways you portray yourself in the eyes of men and present a new you altogether? One who outshines the rest of the herd and knows exactly what makes a man tick. Herein, this love guide will help you to put things right.Titania Hudson is a veteran dating counsellor residing in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. Now, a self-published author, she aspires to develop a series of dating books to help others cruise along their dating journeys. With a specialized degree in Psychology and years of experience under her belt, she is familiar with the crises in dating and adept at highlighting the troubling issues that can crop up within the dating and marriage mart. Nothing pleases her more than having the chance to publish her relationship guides as a form of giving back to society, and she gains much satisfaction from knowing that her readers are faring well in their love pursuits.