how to make $1000 a day

Author: Bradford Sullivan

Category: Business & Finance

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In this very unusual book about selling on Amazon, Bradford Sullivan reveals what he calls his simple "Profit Blueprints" anyone can follow to make extraordinary profits selling products on Amazon.The main goal of the book is to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that ANYONE can make $1,000 per day (or more) in clear, after-tax profits, selling one single product that they choose once they know the blueprint.

Sullivan accomplishes that goal by providing figures from an actual product sold on Amazon that revealed a "model" for what it would take to accomplish that task with other products.

The secondary goal of the book is to educate people who have no Amazon selling experience at all and to inspire and motivate them by demonstrating the incredible advantages available to anyone considering building a successful business selling products on Amazon.

He also shares his first year experience as an Amazon seller in detail, including exactly what he did (selling over 2,500 different products), how much money he made, and explains how he learned the biggest lesson of his Amazon selling career, that the way he was doing it was NOT the way anyone should do it if they are serious about building a real, long-term, hugely profitable business that can be sold or passed on to heirs.

He realized that business model he was working was doomed to failure because of several inherent flaws. Disgruntled and disappointed he gave up selling on Amazon after that experience.

He claims that shared experience alone can save anyone at least one year and thousands of dollars by not making the same mistakes he did and that countless sellers on Amazon are unwittingly making the same mistakes right now.

But then fate intervened and he was introduced to a completely different way to source products to sell on Amazon. He was once again excited about the possibilities of selling on Amazon, and his business went in an entirely new direction.

His "Aha" moment came when he realized with this new business model he could make more money with one successful product than he did with over 2,500 different products listed on Amazon using his old method - and with far less work.

With the blueprint it was apparent to him that he could make more money in one month than he made that whole first year in business - with way less work - and never leaving his home.

And, with this blueprint he could eventually put the business entirely on “auto-pilot”, allowing him to resume his retirement lifestyle.

The section of the book, "Really Wealthy People Do NOT Work” describes “The Amazing TPM Wealth Formula™ – How to Make MORE Money NOT Working than You Could Ever Make Working for a Living!” verifies why he thinks Amazon is the ultimate home-based business.

He's committed to making this the best book about making money as an Amazon seller and welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions and provides his personal email.

As Sullivan says, "I've had successful businesses and have been researching business and money-making opportunities for more than 30 years and I can tell you...all things considered, starting from scratch, I have never seen a better, home-based business model than selling products on Amazon."

He says there's no "work from home," "make money on the internet," "home-based business" or "make money online" program of any kind that can compare to "partnering" with the most respected online retailer in the world.

He also claims he can prove how anyone following the blueprint can grow their Amazon business to where they're making more than one million dollars per year in 3 simple steps.

He also includes his personal recommendation for where to get the best training to help you achieve everything he describes in the book.