Author: JJ Toner

Category: Mysteries

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Previously published as ST PATRICK'S DAY SPECIAL..Irish crime is rampant. It is 2004 and the ancient land of saints and scholars, has changed. Corruption is endemic in high places. Irish society thrives on the twin pillars of institutionalized greed and organized crime. Church steeples are outnumbered by the tower cranes of avaricious developers and the cities resonate to the sounds of police sirens. Detective Inspector Ben Jordan of Ireland’s Organized Crime Unit focuses on crimes of violence involving firearms and terror. His nemesis, Aloysius Lafferty, specializes in bank and building society heists, cash-in-transit robberies, and “tiger” kidnappings. The two men face off in a deadly game that only one can win. Lafferty fights dirty, deception and murder his weapons of choice. Jordan is determined to work within the law, whatever gets thrown at him. But then Lafferty drags Jordan’s family into the battle...
‘Secure your seat belt before embarking on this ride! Just a warning to expect twists and turns aplenty on JJ Toner's wild crime ride. I'd say that this was a page-turner and if I was just reading to be entertained that would be true. But, I'm also a writer and I had to keep stopping to make notes on his techniques that I plan to steal for my own writing! I'll leave it to others to deliver the plot points--I'll just say that the tension never leaves the page and Ben Jordan doesn't spiral down into the abyss--he plunges into it head-first. And, lest you think all is grim on the Toner landscape, the black humor he employs at just the right moment lightens the read with delicious and perfect pitch. Get this book and then keep your eyes open for his next one!’