The Clayton Chronicles

Author: Edwin Stark

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: February 16, 2017

Deal ends: February 20, 2017

Description:Strange events are taking place in the small town of Nosfort, Massachusetts. A corpse turns up with strange marks on its neck, key people in the town are disappearing - and who are those pale, sharp-toothed strangers the townsfolk can’t seem to notice? For Sheriff Clayton Harris, there can be only one conclusion. But how can one lone lawman take on the nest of bloodsuckers that has taken root in his town? With the help of an undead sidekick, of course. Come inside and meet Sheriff Harris and Sherwin Williams, the sheriff/vampire duo that joins efforts to save the imperiled town of Nosfort from its impending doom. Hop on a thrill-ride with Sherwin and Harris in an entertaining combination of mystery, biting and fun. Enter the small East Coast town of Nosfort in The Clayton Chronicles!

Vampire Blood

Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: February 15, 2017

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Description:For years the vampire family lived in the shadows, hidden by the night and people’s disbelief; feeding on animals or throw away people who would never be missed. But as the family moves into an old theater, and uses it to cover up their crimes, the youngest of them are restless and determined to live as they like. Recklessly. Killing and feeding when and where they want. Feeding on who they want. Only the parent vampires have managed to keep them in check. But no longer. Unaware of the night stalking menace, the townspeople of Summer Haven, Florida, blithely go about their daily lives until, one by one, they begin to disappear. Screams are heard in the night. Fear grows. The lost are never found…alive. But Jenny Lacey and her father, who are hired to renovate the old Grand Theater, can’t escape when they find themselves caught up in the middle of the vampire’s war. And, in the end, it’s up to Jenny, her brother, Joey, and her ex-husband, Jeff (who she still loves and reconnects with in this novel…happy ending there), to get rid of the bloodthirsty fiends that are destroying their town…if they can.** Prequel to Human No Longer...


Author: Jack Binding

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: February 12, 2017

Deal ends: February 12, 2017

Description:MONEY PROBLEMS? Crippling mortgage? Working hours so long you can't even remember the last time you had a conversation with your partner? Property is a sharp, short psychological horror story about being trapped in modern life. It's set in London, but really, it could be set anywhere – it could be set in your town, it could be about you. A short story by Jack Binding, one of the UK's most exciting new horror authors.

The Macabre Masterpiece

Author: Justin Bienvenue

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: February 06, 2017

Deal ends: February 10, 2017

Description:Hell is not just a place, here it is a definition of what personifies evil. The elements of blood go way beyond any medical preference or charitable donation. Many of horror's most-wanted and deadly creatures run wild here, waiting in anticipation of their next victims. The chills one will experience from the creepiness will turn their imaginations into nightmares. The term ''gripping the edge of your seat'' could prove to be the very case here when the suspense hits you like a bolt of lightning. Feel the fear and witness the horror and madness.

Avenue of the Dead

Author: Brian L. Porter

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: February 04, 2017

Deal ends: February 08, 2017

Description:In the ancient, ruined city of Teotihuacan, mutilated bodies bear witness to the work of a serial killer. After the tragic death of his brother, Detective Captain Juan Morales decides to take a well-deserved vacation. But standing along the Avenue of the Dead, staring at a corpse whose heart has been ripped out, is not the peaceful retreat he had in mind. Working at the site is the archeologist Sophia Kanakarides, to whom Morales is strongly drawn. As more gruesome murders surface, Sophia lends her expertise and unwittingly falls into the hands of the killer. An intoxicating and well-crafted thriller, Avenue of the Dead brings to life the chilling world of ritualistic killings and human sacrifice.


Author: William Johnstone

Category: Horror

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Deal starts: February 01, 2017

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Description:Angelic Child She was a beautiful child, a perfect child. With her blonde hair and baby doll prettiness, she was the picture of angelic innocence. Phillip Baxter pushed aside his uneasiness about his strangely self-possessed daughter. She was just an ordinary kid. And, to his relief, she did act like an ordinary kid when he brought home a special present just for her . . . Devil’s Toy Alone in her room, Nora couldn’t wait to open the antique jack-in-the-box. She couldn't wait to watch the hand-carved clown’s head bob back and forth, its glass eyes staring at her, its lips drawn back into an insane grin. Any other little girl might have cringed in horror. But as Nora’s wide eyes mirrored the grotesque wooden face, her pink lips were curving into the same malicious smile . . .