Author: Yvonne Crowe

Category: Mysteries

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After being thrown together on several dangerous missions, the relationship between journalist Lina Fabini and Mossad agent David Baron has blossomed, and in their latest adventure the pair learn the cost of having each other as their Achilles heel.Ever the risk-taker, Lina takes on the case of Therese Vauclain, the murdered head of the International Monetary Fund.

Next to her body a small black feather and a note scrawled with lines from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ were discovered; sure signs that infamous, allusive assassin the Raven has stuck again.

Tasked with finding about why someone would want Therese Vauclain dead, Lina stumbles on a familiar face and a string of strange and unlikely coincidences.

Fearing for her safety, David joins Lina on her quest, and soon their worst fears are confirmed as they are forced to battle a combined threat that is greater than any of their previous perilous cases.

A deadly assassin who has evaded capture for eight years now wants them dead, and is somehow connected to a neo-Nazi group still fighting for the ideals of the Fuhrer decades on.

Will they be able to connect these cases of old with this assassin in time?

Will they ever find out the identity of the ruthless Raven?

Most importantly for Lina, will justice be served?

‘Hitler’s Prodigy’ is a gripping international thriller, uncovering killers motivated by the past. It is the fourth book in the Nicolina Fabini thriller series, following from ‘The Magdalene Conspiracy’, ‘The Immortal Madonna’ and ‘Hitler’s Darkest Secret’. It is perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Chris Malburg and Tom Haase.

Praise for Yvonne Crowe:

"A fascinating thriller. It gripped me from the first page" - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code' on ‘The Magdalene Conspiracy’

‘thoroughly entertaining book that questions the origins of mankind and religion.’ - Mark Nemcoff, author of ‘Fatal Sunset’ on ‘The Immortal Madonna’

‘this compelling yarn held me from start to finish; only the interruption of a night’s sleep prevented me from completing it in one sitting!’ - Sterling Gate Books on ‘The Immortal Madonna’

Yvonne Crowe was born in Auckland, New Zealand and loved reading as a child, using it as a form of escapism. She spent part of her childhood living in Fiji but after marrying she spent many years living and working in Australia and the United States. She is also the author of ‘The Magdalene Conspiracy’ and ‘The Immortal Madonna’. Find out more about her books on her website:

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