Author: Teresa Mills

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Fun and Exciting Facts about Washington DC!Hey Kids! Did you know...There's a mall in downtown Washington DC that doesn't sell anything?There's a place in DC where you can see US currency (paper money) printed? There's a name for the odd shape of the Washington Monument?The National Cathedral is filled with stained glass windows depicting American History? Washington DC is home to Bao Bao - one of only 12 giant pandas in the US?You will find out all about these things and much more fun Washington DC facts and photos. You will love this book whether you are preparing for a Washington DC vacation with the family, or simply want to learn a little more about the Washington DC attractions. Younger kids will love this neat way to visit Washington DC through reading with their family!Teresa Mills is the number one bestseller author of the Hey Kids! Let's Visit Series of children's books! This visit to Washington DC will give kids a virtual tour of the capitol of the United States along with some fun facts. Kids of all ages will love to pictures of the Washington DC museums, Washington DC monuments,and other Washington DC attractions.AFTER YOUR PURCHASE CHECK OUT OUR OTHER TITLES THST YOU MAY LIKE:Hey Kids! Let's Visit New York CityHey Kids! Let's Visit A Cruise ShipHey Kids! Let's Visit London England