AUTHOR: KC Ann Wright

CATEGORY: Contemporary Romance



DEAL STARTS: 2015-09-03

DEAL ENDS: 2015-09-09




Description : AshleyFinding my fiancé in bed with another woman ends our decade-long relationship in an instant, but I’m not going to let it destroy me. I’ve always dedicated myself to running my father’s company, but now I want to live out my dreams. Pursue my desires. Enjoy Cam, the gorgeous pro baseball player.

He should be off limits because he’s warned me he can’t give me what I deserve. His heart. He’s in a dark place, but I want to be there for him. I’m terrified he could still choose his past over me, but our attraction is undeniable and I want him. The problem is I didn’t realize how far I could fall or how quickly, but it’s too late now.


My life has turned into my own personal hell. Every day I slide closer to the edge. When Ashley comes into my life, I need a friend. I’m afraid to let her all the way in because I don’t want to hurt her. I know I will. I don’t trust myself, and she doesn’t deserve it.

She makes it so easy to fall for her. Every day she makes it clear that she’s here for me. I selfishly take all she gives, even when I know I shouldn’t. But I need her. It’s the best I’ve felt in months. Hell, probably my entire life. So, how can I even consider hurting her? Because there’s more to my pain then even Ash knows.

Recommended for 17+ Readers due to limited mature language and adult situations.


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