Author: Rodney Southern

Category: General Nonfiction

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Description:After 14 years of marriage, I've learned a few lessons:Always lift the toilet seat and close it when you are finished… Always say you are sorry when you mess up… Complement your wife on a daily basis… Never forget the power of a good date… Keep God at the center of everything! While this list is not comprehensive, it certainly is a very good start for most marriages. When I wrote Heavenly Marriage, it was meant to be a sort of love letter to society. I have watched marriage deteriorate over the years into something that is virtually impossible to recognize. All of the tradition… All of the commitment… All of the dedication… It seems to be missing in the vast majority of relationships. Like the natural detective that I am, I began investigating the reasons for this. I have experienced and witnessed bad marriages up close and so I had great source material. With such a wonderful marriage now that has been heaven on earth from the beginning, I began to take note of the differences. Heavenly Marriage is the end result of these findings.