Author: Paige Powers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Set in a world of hospital drama, this story revolves around the life of the handsome trauma surgeon – Dr. Michael Randall. Michael feels like things are finally going great but he does not foresee the rough year he is in for with an unstable girlfriend, a very sick mother, and the traumas that keep pouring into his trauma center. After his girlfriend commits the unforgivable, he dumps her, gets into a few fights and almost gets kicked off the trauma ward. His supervisor, a kind soul, takes him off the trauma floor and puts him in the coma ward for a few months. The quiet ward was soothing to his harried self until a new patient comes into his ward. Rachel Abrams, the unfortunate victim of an infectious disease ends up in a coma from her brain swelling to twice its size. Intrigued by her achievements as a humanitarian around the world, and the praise given to her by fans and family alike, Michael begins to spend more and more time in her room, opening up to her about himself. Soon he finds himself falling in love with a woman he has never had a conversation with. Things get complicated for the doctor when a suspicious nurse reports him for improper behavior. His job in jeopardy, he defends himself but finds that actions have lost him his patient.With Rachel moved to another hospital, Michael despairs at the loss of his chance to wake her up. He tracks her down with the help of a friend and gets her new doctor to agree to a procedure that could wake her up. Now the question remains – will she wake up and will she remember Michael’s talks? It was just a waiting game, after all.