Author: Luke Smitherd

Category: Science Fiction

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Let's imagine you're waiting to catch a train.Would you wonder about the people standing next to you on the platform? Ordinary people, business types. Respectable. Normal. People that you don't need to worry about.
How would you know that they aren't going to suddenly push you in front of an oncoming train?But hey ...they're strangers. They could be capable of anything ...but what if you couldn't even trust the people you loved?What if even your pets acted strangely? If you found yourself being watched by other animals that come and wait outside your house at night, staring up at your windows in the dark?

Martin Hogan doesn't have to imagine this. It's all happening to him right now; his life is about to spiral further and further into the terrifying and inexplicable as he finds out why.

Because even though he doesn't know it yet, Martin Hogan is the man that has to decide the fate of humanity ...

Luke Smitherd (author of the Amazon bestseller THE STONE MAN and THE BLACK ROOM series) asks you once again to consider what you would do in his latest unusual and original novel. A HEAD FULL OF KNIVES is a supernatural mystery that will not only change the way you look at animals forever, but will force you to decide the fate of the world when it lies in your hands.