Author: Ellis Vidler

Category: Fantasy

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Photographer Kate McGuire hopes for a little fun in her life when she joins a parapsychology experiment--visions of murder aren’t part of the plan. Then her eccentric friend Venice, a complication all by herself, leaks the story to a reporter, and Kate’s life turns upside down. The police don’t take her seriously, but the murderer does.
Kate’s distrust of the press causes her to clash with the one person who can help her—the skeptical reporter who got her into trouble in the first place. Now it’s up to Kate to find the killer before anyone else dies.
Haunting Refrain is the first book in the McGuire Women psychic series; each book features a different member of the family.
Author's Note: This is a reprint of the book published by Silver Dagger Mysteries. Same book, new cover. Cover art by Anne Cain.