Author: S. C. King

Category: Mysteries

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Deal starts: October 14, 2016

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The action takes place in Green Oak Resort, Stronghill, where a party of journalists, writers, and actresses had arrived for a little time away from the city. Sergeant Wood is called to the resort, when one of them suddenly disappears, leaving behind a handful of strange clues. Wood looks around and asks a few questions, but everything seems too mysterious for him to understand.That is why the sergeant calls Detective Davis, who is happy to come and help him. The day Davis arrives, a second person goes missing, and the case becomes more serious. After a third person disappears, Jack Thomson, one of the guests, comes forward and explains that all three of the disappearances had happened in a manner similar to the one described by him in his paranormal TV show.Davis discovers that Jack has come here with his mistress, who also goes missing once Jack’s wife suddenly arrives. When the husband of the first victim is nowhere to be found, Davis calls for help, and asks the rest of the guests to stay put. The mystery is solved when Rose Donaldson, the fourth victim, manages to escape and tells everyone that Jack Thomson is the one kidnapping people. As it turns out, everybody is still alive, and Thomson kidnapped them so that he can keep the secret about his affair from his wife.