Book Cover: I Hate That You Bloody Left Me by Heather Hill

Author: Heather Hill

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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'Totally Bonkers... and Totally Brilliant!' From the Author of Amazon International Best-Seller, ‘The New Mrs D’.'Dare to never lose the silly side of yourself.'When three silver-surfer widows take a road trip to a bewitching island in the Southern Hebrides, kidnapping a world-renowned psychic medium was the last thing on their minds. And the first thing they did… After three bereaved, elderly ladies meet in an online forum, it soon becomes clear they each have their own, quite specific, senior citizen plan. The first is desperate for a message from her husband, but his sudden death has made him unavailable. The second just wants a hole in the ground to swallow her up, and so it duly does. The third is in search of her true identity, and has all of life’s essentials in her over-sized handbag: lipstick, phone, spare pair of knickers, mother… As a trio of desolate women transitions into a trio of friends, they embark on a mission to track a recently retired, world famous pyschic medium, which takes them on a series of zany and hilarious adventures, where shocking secrets are revealed, relationships are tested, and lobsters are liberated. The women want to know, and they want to know now: Is there life BEFORE death?Light-hearted, funny and moving, ‘I Hate That You Bloody Left Me’ is a journey of friendship, whisky-rustling and accidental kidnapping, set on the spectacular Scottish isles of Jura and Islay. It's a pint full of belly laughs, with a whisky chaser. 'Fizzles with wit and humour... Warm, funny, poignant - I loved this utterly original story!' - Fiona Gibson, author 'Although on one level the novel may be considered "'light" entertainment, with its elements of slapstick and double entendres, it's also a poignant, touching and life-affirming study on the themes of grief and loss.' – Debi Alper, author and freelance editor. ‘Heather Hill’s writing is hilarious, touching and honest. A truly original voice in women’s fiction.’ – Jon Rance, author.‘A wonderful blend of comedy and pathos.’ – Bennett Arron, comedian and author