Author: Rann Murray

Category: Science Fiction

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It’s 2412 and space pirate Billy Baad hijacks the best Bio-Apps in the galaxy. He fences them for outrageous prices because Bio-Apps can give you superhero powers and everyone wants a few of those. Wouldn't you?Now he's out to hijack the ultimate Bio-App that could catapult its owner to ruler of the known universe and there are a lot of human and not so human off the beam malcontents out to stop him.The debut short story from Rann Murray, The Happy Prince (App-Jacker Chronicles Episode 1), is a new addition to the great comic sci-fi tradition of Phil Foglio, Kurt Vonnegut, and Douglas Adams. In the distant future humans discovered that they aren't alone. In fact, species in the Milky Way Galaxy bump into each other too doggone often and each species thinks the other was made while Nature was having a disturbing nightmare. They get along better than expected, but at the same time manage to tick each other off with surprising regularity. That's where I come in. I'm an App-Jacker. I heist the best Bio-Apps in the galaxy and sell them on the open market which makes one side very happy and the other really ticked off. So join me on board my ship, The Salvanator, and I'll show you how Bio-Apps can make you a galactic superhero or supervillain. And maybe we'll encounter some forbidden pleasures along the way, if you get my space-drift. Includes Special Preview of Episode II, Rusty Zipper, at end of book. *Get a free Episode of App-Jacker Chronicles! See details on title page.*"In summary, this is the epitome of the word clever-- in a shark-skin spacesuit." -- David Nadas, Author: November Seed "This is a fun, quick read, almost Micky Spillane-ish in its quick wit and first person narrative. Well done, Rann." -- Lon H. Grover, Author: Email From Mars: Outbound More Episodes on the way - Episode 2: Who owns the largest ship in the galaxy and why is it shaped like a big fat cigar? What is Carnal-9 and where are my pants? Episode 3: Time Loopers, You did what with my mom?!, Foolin' around on The Happy Prince