Author: Emma Cartwright

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Hannah Graber is deep in her rumspringa and has decided to explore certain aspects of the modern world that would make even the most liberated Amish person cringe.Amid her struggles, she seeks a bit of reprieve, but between owning a cell phone, riding on the back of a motorcycle, drinking alcohol and going to dance clubs in the city, she is sliding right out of the Amish life.

The cousins learn of her wild ways and seek to set her straight, but Hannah is in too deep. Addiction comes in many forms and Hannah can’t give up the wild double life she’s leading.

Eli Zook, the community’s youngest ever bishop, understands loss. The love of his life died a year earlier during childhood, stripping away his whole future. Now he trudges through each day, seeking the Lord’s will, but finding mostly pain. However, God has plans to prosper him and give him a future.

Eli didn’t count on losing his heart to the sweet, desperate Hannah. A tender meeting between Eli and Hannah over Hannah’s delayed baptism allows the whispers of God to slip back into her life, but will she listen? Will she give up her adrenaline addiction? Will Eli be able to persuade her to follow the Lord and lead a purposeful life among the Amish…with him?

Find out in the third book of Cousins of Bird in Hand.