Author: Nancy Price

Category: Action & Adventure

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How does a daughter let go of hatred towards an abusive father? Why do some people show little effect of abusive situations, when others live their whole life attempting to hide from the truth with addictions to control the tension? This is a story inspired by true events, no different than the actions of many confused persons looking for answers to unresolved mysteries of life. Questions that frighten children until the answers are fairy tales. Questions that depress adults until the answers are fictional stories. Like ghosts that haunt houses, unfinished grievances cause cold and terrifying items of disbelief. Bonnie Sue McCue was haunted by her past, but she never gave up looking for answers to her unsolved childhood events. Time is upon many in the world to let go of anger and forgive those dealings that keep us stuck within our own self. It is past time to stop sleeping with our enemies and to embrace the Dark Night of the Soul.