Author: Maria Ulko

Category: General Nonfiction

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Habits are what we all have.
They can be really good and useful, but what should we do when our habits spoil our life and the lives of people around us? How strong are they and why do they start ruling our life, when this is us who should do it?
Answers on these and many other questions you will find in this book. You will also learn the following information:
How habits are formed
What are the most common habits of 4 major spheres of life, why they are bad and how to get rid of them
Eating habits
Useful advices on all the bad habits breakage
Instruction on how to form new good habits
Habits of the house
When you download Habit is a second nature: or how to get rid of addictions that worsen your life you will be on your way to a fuller and more enjoyable life.