Author: Kat Drennan

Category: Literary Fiction

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Some things in this life can be undone and some cannot. The art is learning the difference. When fifty-year-old Evie is hit with the Baby Boomer's nightmare, she steps up to rescue a mother who was never there for her. For the first time since she was three years old, Evie and her mother will live under the same roof. Evie is grateful to finally get to know the mother who had been little more than a beautiful visitor in her life. The child in Evie cries to be heard at last, while the woman in her takes on the challenge as a chance to undo the past, one heartache at a time. Betty struggles to live up to her daughter's expectations. Lord knows, it's about time. But as pieces of her mind fly away like petals in a windstorm, life simply doesn't line up the way it's supposed to anymore. The zhuum-zhuum in her head chants out a seductive mantra: it's time to go.