Author: Vasiliy Karavaev

Category: Action & Adventure

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An ordinary Russian guy named Vasiliy lives in the north of the Indian state of Goa. He has a beautiful wife, a smart daughter, and his own restaurant on the shore, where you can have a taste of hash cake and wash it down with real kvass – an old Russian beverage – for just 100 rupees. Vasya and his friends consider themselves psychedelic ‘Che Guevaras,’ and help their fellow citizens – both true downshifters and ‘two-week trippers’ – make a quantum leap in consciousness. But Vasya’s prolonged journey through wonderful India, where desires tend to materialize and time is ‘as thick as a mango smoothie’, gradually turns into a bad trip. It is a narrative about how ‘heaven without hell can unnoticeably turn into hell’, which is fascinating not only to the wide gallery of characters that took a direct part in the described events, but also to the new generation of psychedelic Jedis, willing to learn from their mistakes of their predecessors.